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Boy Scouts of America is a fundamental youth development organization that prides itself in building character. There is a multitude of Boy Scout activities that teach basic skills and promote teamwork. One of those activities often includes fundraising because these programs are operated by local chartering organizations which include clubs, civic associations, religious institutions, and more. Generating Boy Scout fundraising ideas can be stressful, but you should bring something new to the table this year. You can create a fundraising campaign that will endure the test of time and showcase American pride through a flag fundraiser

 Boy Scout Fundraising Idea: Offering Flag Rent for National Holiday

Consider offering a flag installation service to general members of the local chartering organization that operates your Boy Scouts troop. Essentially, instead of selling an item, you will be offering the service of installing and uninstalling flags for national holidays. In this way, boy scouts actively will fundraise off a set of flags that was only purchased once until they are no longer usable. Fortunately, Flags for Fundraising was created with that in mind. Our 7' Outdoor Flag Set is durable and affordable. Top holidays to consider for this service include Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, Election Day, and Veterans Day. You can even extend this service within the community with proper supervision. With the abundance of national holidays in a single year, this service will continue funding Boy Scout activities for years to come.

Boy Scout Fundraising Idea: Create a Flag Demonstration for Veterans

Another service that can further fuel Boy Scout activities using the same flags purchased for basic holiday installations is creating a flag demonstration for Veterans Day. This demonstration is often called a Flags for Honor fundraiser. During this fundraiser, your troupe can showcase solidarity and remembrance of veterans by creating flag displays in parks, stadiums, or walkways for local businesses. You can offer an additional fee by including Honor Medallions that dedicate a flag to a specific hero. The medallion will be inscribed with the hero's name to celebrate their life and patriotism. 

Boy Scout Fundraising Idea: Design Custom Flags to Bolster School Spirit

Besides installing American flags, you can custom print flagpole sets to create an installation service to celebrate local schools. You can offer this service during school games or important events to lift the overall community spirit. In this case, you can also offer a one-time sale of these custom flags. When considering the price, remember to factor in delivery and installation. Unlike an installation service, this would amount to a single profit per flag sold, but it would still be a worthwhile endeavor.

Need More Fundraising Ideas?

Overall, fundraisers that are sustainable and profitable long-term are key in building funding, especially for essential organizations like Boy Scouts of America. Let us know if you have any fundraising ideas that would continue to encourage Boy Scouts and their dedicated service. We would love to hear from you! If you are interested in fundraising for your organization, contact us to get started!