Fundraising Ideas for During the COVID Pandemic

Fundraising Ideas for Schools During Covid - Flags for Honor Fundraising Flags Event

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it very difficult for organizations, schools, and clubs to continue with their usual fundraisers. But your group is still counting on you to come up with a fundraising plan that helps you reach your goals. So, how do you raise funds while avoiding large crowds, interpersonal contact, and other functions of typical fundraising events? With social distancing in mind, learn how a flag fundraiser can be a great idea for raising funds while keeping participants safe.

Flag Fundraising Ideas for Raising Funds

Flags for Fundraising's fundraising ideas are programs that do not require large gatherings or close contact with other people. For example, a flagpole set subscription program can be conducted without any contact between the buyer and organization. First, buyers can purchase flagpole set subscriptions on the internet or over the phone. Then, the team can install and remove the flagpole set without requiring involvement from the purchaser. In this scenario, the flagpole set would be displayed on the buyer’s private property. So, it would not attract any large groups of people.

Flags for Honor Program

Flags for Honor program can be a great idea for raising funds during the COVID pandemic. First, they can raise funds for your organization while ensuring social distancing protocols. Plus, participants can recognize healthcare professionals, first responders, emergency personnel, and other essential workers that are relied upon during a pandemic.

In a Flags for Honor program, buyers sponsor flagpole sets to acknowledge honorees, instead of owning the flag. So, this avoids any cross-contact between multiple parties. And, while the flags will usually fly together in a designated public location, we recommend not promoting it as a "public event" during a pandemic. This way, you can avoid attracting large gatherings of people. Plus, instead of displaying the flags over a single weekend, consider a longer period so visitors can view the flags while avoiding large groups.

Idea Example for Raising Funds During a Pandemic

We coordinated a Flags for Honor program in 2020 that was a success despite the ongoing COVID pandemic. We were able to erect an American flag display in Edgewater Park in Cleveland, Ohio on Patriot Day weekend. This was a great way to honor service members, law enforcement officers, healthcare workers, and essential personnel during the COVID outbreak. To learn more about the 2020 Flags for Honor campaign, visit and watch this video recap:

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