Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits - Rows of Flags Along Pathway

There are several ways you can raise funds with Flags for Fundraising. However, there are three popular programs that are especially good fundraising ideas for nonprofits. The specific fundraising programs are:

  • A Flags for Honor event
  • Flagpole Set Rental fundraiser
  • Selling Flagpole Sets

Flags for Honor Fundraising Idea

Flags for Honor can be a good fundraising idea for nonprofits that work with law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, social workers, military members and veterans, or consider themselves especially patriotic. A Flags for Honor fundraiser is designed to recognize esteemed honorees and can be a great idea for fundraising during the COVID-19 pandemic. Instead of your buyer physically owning the flag to display on their property, they will sponsor the flagpole set to acknowledge their honoree. The flags in a Flags for Honor flag display will usually fly together in a designated public location. Each flagpole set should display an Honor Medallion dedicated by the buyers for the honorees. For example, the honorees could include family members, friends, mentors, coaches, teachers, associates, or loved ones.

Designated locations that usually work best are a public park or a property owned by your organization. This way, buyers may visit the flagpole set they donated. Always collect written permission to use any location before starting to sell your flags. The event could be as short as one weekend or can extend as long as you would like. We also recommend a celebration the day your event starts to recognize your team’s hard work and encourage community involvement. It is always a good fundraising idea to build excitement for your program!

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Flagpole Subscription/Rental Fundraising Idea

In a Flagpole Set Rental Fundraiser, the flagpole set will be displayed on the buyer’s property for a limited period. A time frame could be installing flagpole sets prior to Memorial Day weekend and uninstalling after Labor Day. In this scenario, your group would be responsible for selling the flagpole set, installing it, and uninstalling it at the agreed-upon time. This can be a great fundraising idea for high schools, rotary groups, ROTC groups, girl/boy scout troops, and several other organizations.

The benefit to this program is that you maintain ownership of the flagpole set. The following year, you can rent the flagpole set again to increase your total profit made off each flagpole set. 

  • Year 1: Profit is equal to flagpole sets sold, minus purchase cost.
  • Year 2: Funds raised for flagpole sets sold are 100% profit.

Consider the following options to determine how many flagpole sets you should purchase:

  • Organize a pre-order campaign to understand how many flagpole sets you may need.
  • Purchase a limited amount of flagpole sets for Year 1, then add more flag sets in Year 2 when you see demand.

Sell Flagpole Sets to Raise Funds for Nonprofits

Selling flagpole sets is a third good fundraising idea for nonprofits. This fundraising program requires you to sell, deliver, and install the flagpole set, but it would be the buyers’ flagpole set to keep. Although this program may result in the least amount of total profit because you can’t rent or resell the following year, your group will not be responsible for uninstalling them at the end of the season. If you have a smaller group, this may be an option to consider.

Bring Your Fundraising Ideas to Life

Would you like additional information about any of the fundraising ideas above? Or, would you like advice on making your own fundraising idea a reality? We are happy to answer your questions and help you raise as many funds for your organization as possible. Please contact us to get started! Or, you may find these other pages helpful as well: