Fundraising Tips

Tips for Fundraising with Flags

Consider our advice to create a successful and profitable fundraiser.

First, establish your organization’s fundraising goal:

  • Determine the total profit goal of the fundraising initiative.
  • Identify what the funds raised will be used for.
  • Determine what upfront costs will be required, then verify that you have the funds.
  • Don’t forget to adjust your fundraising goal accordingly if your program’s initial success is greater than you expected.

 Assign leadership responsibilities:

  • Identify the Leader of your Flag for Fundraising initiative.
  • Ensure they are available throughout the duration of your entire fundraiser.
  • Great communication and organization skills are key.

Organize your fundraising teams:

  • Identify your Planning Committee.
  • Assign team members who will be responsible for selling.
  • Assign team members to collect all the funds that you raise.
  • Assign team members for flagpole set installation.
  • Assign team members to uninstall flagpole sets, if needed.

Decide Which Flag for Fundraising to Sell

 Create Your Flag for Fundraising Account

Choose a Fundraising Program and Sales Procedure

  • Sponsorship Style by hosting a Flags for Honor event
  • Flagpole Set Rental Program
  • One-Time Purchase

Determine a Sales Price for your Fundraising Program

  • Price your flagpole sets so that you can make a profit.
  • Consider the average income of your community to price your flags appropriately.
  • If purchased from Flags for Fundraising for $30.00, consider selling for $50 to make a $20 profit.

Order your Flagpole Sets

  • Your flagpole sets from Flag for Fundraising should be your only upfront expense.

Install your Flagpole Sets

  • Train your Installation Team well.
  • Determine an installation date with your buyers.
  • Or install immediately after purchase.

Promote Your Fundraising Campaign

  • Post and distribute promotional signs around your community.
  • Solicit free local radio or TV media.
  • Utilize social media by posting messaging and creating a Facebook event.
  • Print an ad in the local newspaper.

Collect Your Funds

  • Determine a deadline to collect all funds to the designated treasurer.

Recognize and Celebrate Your Team

  • Celebrate a successful and profitable fundraiser! Show your team members your appreciation by hosting a small celebration party or by giving prizes for the top sellers.