Fundraising Tips

Planning fundraisers can be difficult. Luckily, the expert team behind Flags for Fundraising has helped orchestrate successful campaigns for all kinds of different organizations. So, read our fundraising tips for creating your own successful and profitable fundraiser:

Set an Achievable Fundraising Goal

First, establish your organization’s fundraising goal before beginning your campaign. So, determine the total profit goal of your fundraising initiative and identify what the funds will be used for. Also, you will want to determine what upfront costs will be required, then verify that you have the funds. And, don’t forget to adjust your fundraising goal accordingly if your program’s initial success is greater than you expected.

Fundraising Tips for Assigning Leadership Responsibilities

Identify the leader of your Flag for Fundraising initiative. To help assign these responsibilities, it is important to ensure that they are available throughout the duration of your entire fundraiser. When considering leadership qualities, great communication and organization skills are key.

Organize your Fundraising Teams

One of the most important fundraising tips is to organize a Planning Committee. Assign team members who will be responsible for selling, and which team members will collect all the funds that you raise. Then, assign team members for flagpole set installation and tear down, if needed.

Decide Which Flags for Fundraising to Sell

It is important to determine which flagpole sets to sell. Options include:

 Create Your Flag for Fundraising Account

It is also important to Create your Account early in your planning process. One of the most important, but overlooked fundraising tips is to give yourself plenty of time to take these preliminary steps before launching your fundraiser.

Choose a Fundraising Program and Location

Determine a program that will be best for you. Options include a Flagpole Set Subscription/Rental event or a One-Time Purchase Program, depending on which style would be a better fit for your organization. If you'd like help determining the best program for your needs, just contact us! Next, consider offering event sponsorship packages and Honor Medallions; they're a nice way to offer personalization for donors and can be additional revenue streams. Make sure to set a timely deadline for Honor Medallions. Give us 7-10 days before the event, at a minimum, to make the custom decals.

Also, you will need to secure a viable location that will be able to accommodate the number of flags that you expect to display on the day and time of your event. Give yourself plenty of space in case you sell more flags than expected. Plus, you may decide to expand the program in the future, so it is important to choose a location that has room to grow.

Fundraising Tips for Setting a Fair Price

To determine a sales price for your fundraising program, figure out a price for your flagpole sets that allow you to make a profit. Your flagpole sets from Flag for Fundraising should be your only upfront expense. For example, if you purchased our 7’ Outdoor Flag Set for $25.00, consider selling them for $50 to make a $25 gross profit. A great fundraising tip is to consider the average income of your community to price your flags appropriately. 

Order and Install your Flagpole Sets

Order your flagpole sets well in advance so you have time to train your installation team. Set a date and time with your buyers for installation or install the flags immediately after purchase. We recommend 2-3 person teams; one person installs the anchors, the others assemble the flags. An important fundraising tip is to make sure that your installation team takes great care installing the flags, especially in a Flagpole Set Rental campaign, to help ensure that the buyer will purchase the rental again during your next fundraiser.

Fundraising Tips for Promoting your Campaign

Widespread promotion is essential for a successful fundraising campaign. You should post and distribute promotional signs around your community and utilize social media to elicit community engagement. Create social media pages and Facebook events to reach users within your target demographic and consider promoting your event online via paid advertising. Fundraising tips for cheaper options include free event listings on websites or in local newspapers. Or, solicit free appearances on local radio or TV media.

Collect Your Funds and Celebrate a Successful Fundraiser

Determine a deadline to collect all funds to your designated treasurer. Once your campaign has concluded, recognize and celebrate your team! Show your team members your appreciation by hosting a small celebration party or by giving prizes for the top sellers. Congratulations on a successful and profitable fundraiser!