Golf Outing Fundraisers

Golfers Shaking Hands at Event After Learning How to Plan a Golf Outing Fundraiser

At Flags for Fundraising, we offer golf items for golf outing fundraisers including custom tee markers, personalized golf flags, and golf flagsticks. As owners of Markers Inc. we have 30+ years of experience helping customers plan golf fundraising events. Read more to discover how to plan a golf fundraiser. Or, contact our golf fundraising experts; we'd be happy to answer your questions and help you plan a great, profitable fundraiser.

How to Plan a Profitable Golf Outing Fundraiser

Golf outing fundraisers offer multiple potential revenue streams, including:

  • Ticket sales
  • Custom flag sponsorships
  • Tee marker sponsorships
  • Driving range sponsorships
  • Putting green sponsorships
  • Concessions

Once you've picked a golf course, consider the high-traffic areas as your "profit centers." Sponsors will want their organization featured in the busiest areas of the course, such as the driving range or putting green. Sell sponsorships at these areas to diversify how you can profit off the event.

Golf Fundraiser Sponsorship Opportunities

Flags for Fundraising's golf items can be highly-profitable because they can be reused. Sell tee marker sponsorships At one year's golf outing fundraiser, sell tee marker sponsorships by showcasing the sponsor's logo prominently on the tee marker. Then once the golf fundraiser is over, simply cover up or replace the decal with the next sponsor. This way, you don't have to purchase a new tee marker every year.

Setting up Your Golf Fundraiser

Once you've purchased your products, hired your staff, and sold your tickets and sponsorships, it is time to set up the golf outing fundraiser:

  • Make sure all your flags and signs are up to standard on their decals, including the wording, sizing, and color.
  • Next, strategically place all of your golf course essentials around the course. 
  • Lastly, make sure all of your staff is trained and prepared. Give yourself a pat on the back for all your hard work and let the fundraising begin!

Contact Us to Learn more

Do you have any other questions about planning up a golf outing fundraiser? Our expert team has over 30 years of experience planning golf fundraisers and would be happy to help guide you. Please contact us to get started!