How To Fundraise

Get Started Fundraising Today!

Flags for Fundraising is an excellent way to raise funds while providing a great service to your community! We provide you with the information and flagpole sets you need to have a successful and profitable fundraising campaign.

We recommend starting to plan at least two months prior to your fundraising start date. For more fundraising tips, visit our Fundraising Tips page.

How to Order Your Flags for Fundraising

1. Create an Account

First, create and verify your account. You can create an account here or by clicking Register in the top-right corner of any page. We are proud to support 501(c)(3) companies and can remove sales tax from your purchase once these first steps are completed. Please note that verification is a manual process and it may take up to 48 hours until you are verified.

To view pricing or to order products, you must first create an account.

2. Order a Demo Set

We understand that ordering many flagpole sets is a commitment; that’s why we offer a Demo Set. For a discounted rate, we will send you one full outdoor 7 or 10 foot flag set. This is yours to review, share with your community for preorders, or use during your full fundraiser. Whether you decide to proceed or not, the Demo Kit is yours to keep!

3. Additional Resources and Support 

We all know that fundraising can feel overwhelming at times, so our additional resources will help guide you through it all. Learn about:

For additional questions, contact us by filling out our support form or by calling us at 800-969-5920 during our hours of operation.

4. Place Your Order

We are so glad you decided to order your Flags for Fundraising. Sign into your account and add the flags you need to your cart. Purchase printed polyester flags or embroidered sewn nylon flags for a small up-charge. If you are hosting a Flags for Honor event, our Honor Medallions feature printed names of your family or friends being honored.