Outdoor Navy Flagpole Set (Bulk Quantity)

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Outdoor Navy Flagpole Set

  • Made in America
  • Height: Classic 7 ft. or Regal 10 ft.
  • Flag Type: 3' x 5' Printed Polyester Navy flag
  • Honor Medallions: Add optional 1 or 2 sided custom Honor Tag Medallions
  • Includes necessary Flagpole, Ground Socket, etc.
  • Installation Instructions
Classic 7' Includes:

3' x 5' Navy Flag  •  1 Cap  •  3 Poles  •  1 Socket Setter  •  1 Ground Socket with Plug  •  2 Connectors  •  2 S-Hooks  •  2 C-Eyelets  •  2 Tie Straps

Regal 10' Includes:

3x5' Navy Flag  •  1 Cap  •  4 Poles  •  1 Socket Setter  •  1 Ground Socket with Plug  •  3 Connectors  •  2 S-Hooks  •  2 C-Eyelets  •  2 Tie Straps

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