Rotary Club Fundraising Ideas



Rotary Club Members Smiling in Group at Rotary Fundraising Ideas Event

Generating rotary club fundraising ideas are often a difficult process.  Fortunately, the Flags for Fundraising team offers proven, foolproof fundraising ideas to help you succeed in your fundraising endeavors.


Rotary club initiatives often take on global causes, but through local action. Working with local businesses is an excellent way to start your fundraiser. With a small effort on your end, you can rent flags to local businesses days before patriotic holidays. By offering to install and remove flags after a set duration of time, you can often make 50% profit during your first year, and 100% profit any years that follow. Through this method, and after the initial purchase of a flagpole set, you can continue to make profits for years. Keep in mind, the flags are durable and reusable and will be a long-term investment.


There is also the option of renting flags following a subscription model. These rentals are an appealing option because they can go beyond business and public spaces. You can offer flag rentals to residents for their lawns. Instead of paying for one holiday or one weekend, you can offer a yearly option. The yearly option would mean a one-time fee to subscribe to the flag posting service. The fee would cover the flag posting service for all related holidays. In addition, you can even offer custom flags in the service. For example, we can customize the flags for local holidays or to cheer on your high school sports teams. 


A Flags for Honor fundraiser is a remarkable display of solidarity and remembrance. In essence, you are renting flags out to be posted on public display. It is important to choose an accessible location for the flag display. These areas can include stadiums, public parks, and walkways.

The display can be even more personalized by offering the option of an Honor MedallionAn Honor Medallion is a small dedication attached to a flag that can honor a specific hero in the donor's life. The honorees could include family members, friends, mentors, coaches, teachers, associates, or loved ones. Showcase the flags in a public area to recognize the honorees. In this way, you can even hold an event to celebrate the display and fundraise in additional manners.

The Flags for Honor fundraiser is a fantastic way to connect with locals and their stories even further. Here's an example of a Flags for Honor campaign we held in Texas:


There are many creative options for fundraising beyond this list! Just remember, flags are powerful symbols and there are a variety of ways to utilize them. You can sell patriotic flags on July 4th, custom flags for weddings, or military flags for Medal of Honor Day to celebrate heroes. Let's make your fundraiser a success; please contact us to get started!