Veteran Fundraiser Ideas


Veterans in Wheelchairs Shaking Hands at Veteran Fundraiser 

Need veteran fundraising ideas? Holding a veteran fundraiser is an excellent way to honor those that have served. Despite their service to our country, veterans often need support financially which includes the cost of medical expenses, service animal costs, housing, and career counseling. Learn how your organization can honor veterans through a "Flags for Honor" event while fundraising to support veterans and their essential needs. 

"Flags for Honor" Veteran Fundraising Ideas 

On the topic of veteran fundraising ideas, we've all driven by a beautiful flag display that outlines harbors or walkways. A "Flags for Honor" event is an excellent opportunity to increase donations as an annual fundraiser. Not only will it help veterans, but it will also become a landmark event that the entire community can enjoy for weeks after the fundraiser. During a "Flags for Honor" event, you should choose an ideal location for the flag display, and choose a national holiday such as Veterans Day to roll out the fundraiser. Ideal locations to host the fundraiser include parks, walkways, stadiums, and even lakesides. You can start the fundraising in preparation for the event by offering Honor Medallions. These medallions would be purchased by a donor and inscribed with an honoree's name. Moreover, the medallion would be attached to the flag in the display for all to observe. The fundraiser would continue during the event with concerts and food and donation booths. What truly makes this fundraiser stand out is the display will be an addition to your community after the event which can also boost funds by including contact and donation information at the display.

Flags Posting Veteran Fundraising Ideas

Additionally, once the event is over, you can use the flags to offer a flag installation service for national holidays to raise money for veterans. You can notify the community of these services for holidays at a set rate. The service would include installing and uninstalling the flags. Also, you can offer this to small businesses and even community members who would want flags on their property to showcase patriotism. Through this service, you can raise funds for years to come after an initial investment in flag sets because your organization maintains ownership of the flags. 

Veterans of Foreign Wars Veteran Fundraising Ideas

Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) is a nonprofit organization that concentrates on assisting and advocating for veterans through grassroots programs, grants, and mental wellness campaigns. VFW members can further support their mission by raising funds for the organization through a flag posting service and display at their local VFW post. Members can sponsor flags and sell them to family and friends to display them during events such as pancake breakfasts, BBQs, fish fries, and more! These types of events are easily repeatable and only require an initial purchase of flags.  

POW-MIA and Military Branch Flags

For this fundraiser, you can also offer a posting service, but instead of only using American flags, you can also incorporate POW-MIA flags and military-branch flags. For example, on Veterans Day, you can post a flag according to the wishes of the household. The household may have had a family member that served in the Army or Air Force, and this can be posted in addition to the American Flag for an extra fee. Just be sure to follow flag etiquette when offering this service. 

More About Flags for Fundraising

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