Who Can Fundraise

Any group is welcome to raise funds with Flags for Fundraising's American Flag Fundraiser! In our past years, we have previously found great success with groups such as Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis, VFW, Boy and Girl Scouts, volunteer charity organizations, sports programs, school bands, Fraternity of Eagles, Moose and Elk Lodges, etc.

How to Get Started

To ensure the best program, we recommend assigning one of two main roles to each member of your American flag fundraiser:

  • Members who are responsible for selling the flags to your community.
  • Members who are responsible for installing the flags.

You may also need to organize a planning committee and a small team dedicated to working with us to order and deliver the products.

We recommend starting to plan at least two months prior to your fundraising start date. For more fundraising timeline tips, visit our Fundraising Tips page.

We are proud to support 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) companies and can remove sales tax from your purchase once your account is created and verified. Please note that verification is a manual process and it may take up to 48 hours until you are verified. You can create an account here or in the top-right corner of any page.

Patriotism and National Pride

An American flag fundraiser can serve as a powerful way to foster a sense of patriotism and national pride within your community. By organizing such an event, you encourage individuals to display the American flag proudly, showing their love and support for their country. This can help strengthen the community's bond, promote unity, and create a sense of shared identity and purpose.

Support for Local Causes

One of the main advantages of organizing a fundraiser centered around the American flag is the ability to raise funds for local causes and organizations. You can designate the proceeds to support initiatives such as scholarships for local students, veterans' assistance programs, community improvement projects, or emergency relief efforts. By aligning your fundraising efforts with the symbol of the American flag, you can garner greater support and participation from community members who feel a deep connection to their country and its values.

American Flag Fundraiser: Educational Opportunity

Flags for Fundraising's American flag fundraiser can also serve as an educational opportunity, especially for younger generations. It provides a chance to educate students and community members about the history, significance, and proper etiquette of the American flag. You can organize workshops, seminars, or informational sessions to raise awareness about flag-related topics, such as flag folding ceremonies, the symbolism of the flag's colors, or the proper way to display and care for the flag. This educational aspect not only increases appreciation for the flag but also promotes civic engagement and a deeper understanding of American values and democracy.


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